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1. Invited by WHO Vietnam to do a Need Assessment study and advise the Haiphong University of medicine and Pharmacy in a e Learning project Aug 22-26th 2017

2. Nationally and internationally recognized as one of the pioneers who played a major role in the growth and development of Clinical Telemedicine in India – formally commissioned by Bill Clinton on March 24th 2000 at Aragonda (have given invited lectures in India, invited lectures overseas with quoted publications). Member of about 12 Govt committees. As Founder and Head of the largest and oldest telemedicine network in South Asia (Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation) have overseen over 97,000 teleconsultations in 25 different specialties particularly for suburban India.

3. Playing a major role in introducing mHealth in India including assisting in setting up of a 24/7 Medical Response Center

4. First in India ( Aug 2007) to carry out clinical trials in wireless telemedicine

5. Tele-camps: Principal Organizer Mega Multi Speciality Tele Camp Ajmer Feb 11th to 12th 2012, Surat Feb 16th, Srirangam Feb 24th and Bodinayak Feb 25th 2012. With 548 tele-consultations in 13 specialties from 6 tertiary hospitals in 18 hours the Ajmer tele-camp is possibly the world’s largest tele-camp from a Hospital on Wheels

6. Overseen setting up telemedicine units at 14,000 ft height in the Himalayas for the Himachal Pradesh government and providing telehealth to 60000 Internet enabled villages ( Columbia University had selected ATNF as a case study to demonstrate global best practices.

7. Contributed to setting up of 183eUPHC and 115 Tele ophthalmology Centres for Govt of Andhra Pradesh



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