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Apollo Telemedicine in Space !

Apollo Telemedicine has been invited to be a Global Partner to join ISMC International Space Medicine Consortium Prof. K. Ganapathy President ATNF and Director ATHS will be on the Board of Advisors (. ) - the only one from Asia. ISMC is an active leading member of the Space Medicine community, emphasising that space telemedicine is vital in manned-space missions and space tourism. ISMC will enhance space medicine knowledge and develop new technologies for distant monitoring and treatment of humans involved in long-duration, deep space exploration. A future ready multi sensorial and emotional 3D virtual physician for TM application and health issues for astronauts is already in the making. Please spend a few minutes going through the websites. It indicates that Space Telemedicine will happen soon. For an organisation from a developing country to be invited by an International Space Medicine Consortium to be a global partner speaks for itself. For Apollo Telemedicine, even the sky will no longer be the limit!!