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Important Social Contribution

1. Cadaveric Organ Transplant

  • a. Featured in documentary the “Gift of Life” produced by Films Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India – as the one responsible for the first multiple organ transplant in India Dec 25th 1995 - See The gift of life: The Hindu 21 January 1996. Promoted the concept of brain death recognition from 1996

  • b. “The Brain Dead Head Trauma Patient as an organ Donor” Journal of Surgical Sciences

  • c. Volume 34, Nos 1 & 2, March & June, 1998 (Special issue of Neurotrauma) issue

  • d. Ganapathy K and Hariharan K : The brain dead head trauma patient as an organ donor. Guest Lecture delivered at the 6th national Conference on Meurotraumatology Varanasi August 18th 1997

  • e. Ganapathy K.: Viewing the critically ill head trauma patientas an organ donor. Neurology India (Supplement), 43, 43-44, 1995.

  • f. Neurology India (Supplement), 43, 43-44, 1995.

  • g. Guest faculty Programme for Transplant Coordinators – MOHAN Foundation

2. Helmet Use

  • a. Have been a relentless campaigner, for the last 39 years to make Helmets mandatory in Tamil Nadu. Measures have included filing a PIL and appearing before the Madras High court and getting a Government Order passed to enforce helmet use.

  • b. Chief Guest at Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai on 7th July 2012 addressed 500 students on Prevention of head Injuries, administered oath that they would wear helmets and judged poster competition

  • c. Australian Road Safety Showcase 2014 17th March 2014 Chennai Prevention of Head Trauma Inaugural Function

  • d. Australian Road Safety Showcase 2014 18th March 2014 Chennai interview at 104.8 FM Radio

  • e. Australian Road Safety Showcase 2014 18th March 2014 Chennai

  • f. Prevention of Head Trauma Lecture @ Stella Maris Women’s College

  • g. Australian Road Safety Showcase 2014 19th March 2014 Chennai

  • h. Prevention of Head Trauma Lecture @ SBOA Matriculation School

  • i. Australian Road Safety Showcase 2014 19th March 2014 Chennai

  • j. Demonstration @ Emergency Ward Apollo Main hospital

  • k. Dr. Ghosh Charitable Trust Prevention of Head Trauma Lecture @ SIET Women’s College 22nd March 2014

  • l. Ref Guest Editorial: Operation outside the theatre saves more lives: The Chennai

  • m. Helmet Story. Indian Journal of Neurotrauma 4: 1-8, 2007

  • n. Only helmets can reduce severity of brain injury – The Indian Express Chennai Edition 30th July 2007

  • o. Helmets - The Hindu February 2007

  • p. The case for compulsory helmet-wearing. K.Ganapathy

  • q. “Helmet or Hell met” -

  • r. A survey of 500 two-wheeler users with specific reference to the use of crash helmets. 27th Annual Conference of the Neurological Society of India, 1977 at Pune.

  • s. Helmet Can Save Your Head – Part I October 2000

3. Honorary Neurosurgical consultant to the Madras branch of the Spastic Society of India from 1993 to 2008

4. Have delivered several lectures for school children college students to make them aware of medical sciences, helmet use

5. Scores of popular medical lectures delivered at Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Tamilnadu Science Foundation, etc.

6. Honorary visiting consultant to Madhuram Narayanan Center for exceptional children. Several Lectures given to parents of mentally challenged children.

Academic Qualification


Fellow , Madras Medical College


Fellow, National Academy of Medical Sciences 


Ph.D. in Neurosurgery from  Madras University for thesis "CT Numbers in Intracranial space   occupying lesions and its diagnostic significance"


Fellow, International College of Surgeons since 1987


Fellow, American College of Surgeons (only Neurosurgeon from India to be awarded the FACS. in 1986 and one of the youngest F.A.C.S. from India)


MNAMS (Neurosurgery) Certified   by  the National Board  of Examinations   in Neurosurgery in  April 1981 - third neurosurgeon in India, the only one in 1981 and the second to be certified in the first attempt


Awarded M.S (Neurosurgery)  degree of the  Madras  University after five years of  post-graduate training from April  1975 to  April 1980


Awarded the M.B.B.S. Degree of the Madras University in January 1975

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