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International Interviews


Reengineering Indian Healthcare 2.0 August 2019 p 79 FICCI & Ernst & Young


Tatum Anderson Article for International Hospitals and Healthcare Review


An international interview on “How can information and communication technologies improve cervical cancer prevention and care?” was organised by the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford conducted by Ms. Kate Samuelson on 17th September 2018 for the purpose of her M.Phil. Thesis.
Ms. Kate Samuelson
Student, MPhil in Comparative Social Policy
Department of Social Policy and Intervention
Barnett House, 32 Wellington Square
Oxford OX1 2ER, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 270325
Name: Dr. Alexi Gugushvili
Tel: (+44) 01865 280455


Asia Pacific Telemedicine Market Research Associate Ken Research Private Limited


Economic Times Now TV channel broadcast on Monday 23rd October 2017 panel discussion on Medical technology and Healthcare


Economist Intelligence Unit Singapore – Views on digital Health Melissa Lim Nov 2016 The Economist Intelligence Unit (a 70-year-old world leader in global business intelligence): Thought for Leadership Digital Health Interviews: Visionary Expert on Telehealth Interview with Prof. K. Ganapathy, President Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation


Interview of Health care Leaders The Economic Times Online Healthcare


Quoted in Health Horizons 2021: Emerging opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs in India Coordinating Lead Author Jessica Seddon p 86


9. Peter Hesseldahl coordinator of a research project in Denmark “Frugal solutions” The Universe Foundation, a Danish non-profit, independent think tank promoting learning and innovation


Economist Intelligence Unit (part of The Economist Group) – on the use of healthcare information in India, and specifically at the impact of value-based healthcare- Interviewed by Krischan Hertle Senior Consultant AMR International Ltd, Germany


Aligning eHealth Initiatives for Results: WHO’s Department of Knowledge Management and Sharing, funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).


Value Added Services in Health Microinsurance. Microinsurance Paper series:


COURSES ATTENDED @ Indian Institute of Management
a) Leadership and Change management    Aug 13-17 2012
b) Organisational Leadership for the 21st century    Nov 18-21 2013
c) Transformational Leadership    Sep 28–30 2015


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